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In order for care and support at home to be less challenging, a need for support must be identified as early as possible, mobile care and support services must be better known and they must be able to be carried out effectively and efficiently.

We provide a web app that integrates various applications and services for people with disabilities living at home and their formal and informal caregivers (e.g. relatives). All services are characterized by being person-centred, evidence-based and culturally sensitive.

The web app meets the quality standards that are already required of an app on prescription in Germany. We want to promote such certification in Austria as well, so the social insurance institutions will reimburse the costs incurred by the insured in this context.

The web app will have a modular structure and include telecare solutions (e.g. monitoring/assessment, diagnosis, therapy, psychoeducation, intervention, condition and progress monitoring, communications, collaboration, entertainment) as well as telesupport solutions (e.g. planning, documentation and maintenance from a physical distance).

Overview of the addressed telecare and telesupport areas
Overview of the addressed telecare and telesupport areas