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Take part in the online survey now

With your participation, you help us to provide the right offer on the telecare platform.

Your contribution
By taking part in this survey, you will help us to gain insights into the psychosocial burden and support needs of people receiving care at home. From this we will derive measures and recommendations on how to reduce the burden in the home care environment.

Who can participate?
The survey is aimed at two target groups, for each of which there is a questionnaire:

  1. “Carers“: Caring relatives or dependants (so-called informal carers) of people living at home with care and support needs.
  2. “cared-for persons”: People living at home who are cared for and supported. People with mild dementia or suspected dementia are also welcome to attend.

Direct link to the anonymous online survey (without login)

There you have the possibility to start the survey. Please select the questionnaire that applies to you:
1. Questionnaire for carers
2. Questionnaire for cared-for persons

Questions about the survey and personal contact
Do you still have questions that you would like to ask the project leaders personally? Please contact us!